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Freref Actions24/10/2014

Istanbul, 11-13 november 2014


ubagoziciThe 12th session of the European University of Regions and Territories for Lifelong Learning will take pla cein Istanbul, Turkey in cooperation with the Lifelong Learning center of the Bogaziçi (BULLC) and with the support of the French agency 2e2f, Rhône-Alpes Region, the Assembly of European Region and the metropolitan municipality of Istanbul.


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call for proposition Workshop

Projects Forum

The experiences of former universities lead Freref to further reflection on learning pathways throughout life and the role of all the actors in this process. This session will also include euromediterranean issues, which are crucial for our territories.


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Council of Regions - Barcelona, 6th October 2014

Freref network17/09/2014

The next Freref Council of Regions will be hold on October 6th afternoon in Barcelona.

With the European University of regions and territories coming up, the Council of regions will present the final program to the Freref partners. This meeting will also allow to speak about present and future projects of freref and its members, especially the building of a working group on the link between schools, vocational training and firms in Rhone Alpes with the Regional Council and the French Erasmus Agency.

There will be also question of the next thematic of the Europan University of regions and territories.

This meeting will be held ot the Council of Economic and Social Labour of Catalunya (CTESC) 284 rue DiputaciĻŒ (1st floor) Barcelona. at 3.00 pm


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AcroJump Final Conference : Istanbul 13 -14 november 2014

Freref projects27/08/2014

Professional Social Network to support LLL Pathways towards Employment

The project is still far from complete but Acrojump partners decided to take hold of the UERT Freref in Istanbul to propose an extension of two half-day reflections on the question of the role of social networks in the construction of his own learning pathways throughout life as well as their importance for the valuation of informal and non-formal learning.

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Call for applications to the Freref Scientific Council

Freref Actions27/08/2014

FREREF wants to strengthen the scientific council as part of the redefinition of its lines of work, keeping its European representative character.

This call was launch to members of the FREREF so they would inform experts candidates or teacher-researcher wishing to participate in the Scientific Council.

nominations should be addressed to FREREF by email before September, 30th 2014.

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Acrojump 2nd newsletter

Freref projects02/05/2014

The second newsletter of the AcroJump project is now available.


You can find it here or on the project website which will allow you to discover this ammbitious project on the valorisation of the entire experiences in the personnal paths to build o strong professional profile.

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