Freref General Assembly in Brussels 30th and 31st of March 2017

Freref Actions20/03/2017

The Freref general Assembly will be organised in Brussels the 30th of March 2017 from 16h to 18h. A Council of the Regions will be organised on Friday 31st of March from 9h to 11h.During this Council of Regions, we will welcome Martina Ni-CHEALLAIGH from the European Commission, who will present the Recommendation from the Council on "Upskilling Pathways" which was launched in Decmeber 2016 and the Call for proposals linked to this document under the EaSI  program(voir programme annuel p16, former Skills Guarantee).


Ordre du jour AG 30 mars 2017

ordre du jour Conseil des régions 31 mars 2017

rapport d'activité 2016

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To contact us

Freref Actions06/03/2017

Freref changed its email and telephone number. Now, you can reach us to the following :

+33 (0)6 89 58 49 54


Our post address remain the same.

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2016 Universty :Building ine's pathway in tomorrow's society

Freref Actions13/06/2016


The European labor market is now facing new dynamics resulting from the digital revolution and the rise of collaborative economy. New forms of work and employment appear and are disrupting professional pathways.

 The fact that people will not stay in the same job during their entire professional career is now admitted. So far, the management of transitions between phases of employment, independent work, unemployment, or training (phases which can also be superimposed) is still to be improved to make it more efficient.

 In an Information Note, "Preventing skills obsolescence", CEDEFOP insists on this dimension, which, given the fact that digital upheaval leads to the automation of a number of jobs, emphasizes the role and place of lifelong learning. In the same time, the pervasion of digital technologies requires and enables the acquisition of new skills both in a formal and informal way, contributes to enhancing employability of individuals outside of academic training circuits and leads to reconsider the place of lifelong learning.

 In this context, the notion of accompanying people in the evolution of what might be called their “Journey to Work" is crucial. The paths are multiple and "paving the way" is a novel difficulty in an already complex process of accompaniment. The number of structures, the multiplicity and diversity of services and of target audiences raise the question of the people resources and processes to make the “Journey to Work” fruitful and offer a greater accessibility to individuals and thus give birth to social innovation.

 The 14th session of the Freref European University of Regions and Territories which will take place on September 22nd and 23rd in Cracow, thanks to the support of the Malopolskian Region will question the relationship between lifelong learning and these new dynamics at work, especially around the digital issues.

In order to prepare this event, we would like to innovate in creating an online platform together with the Lab'Afev. This platform is welcoming contributions from speakers but also from extetrnal personnalities that would like to share their views on these topics of Digital upheaval.


You are invited to discover and react to the first contributions on this platform but also to send us your own ones thanks to the form below or directly on the platform.



final version

Registration Form

Call for participation

Hotels list


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Council of Regions - Brussels 17th of June 2016

Freref Actions31/05/2016

Next Freref Council of Region will take place in Brussels on June 17th 2016 at 11:00

Salle « Ilya Prigogine » 

Académie Royale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux Arts de Belgique, Rue Ducale 1

This event will be the occasion to present the final program of the 2016 Freref European University of Region and territories whichi will be held in Cracow, Poland. 

We will also share with you the topics of the 3 "carrefours" and present the Lab' Afev platform which help us to prepare and share idea and contentbefore the university.

You are all welcome for participation, but be sure to confirm your presence by mail before coming !

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