2015 University : let's meet the 23 and 24 of September in Konstanz

Freref Actions28/05/2015

Here comes the Wind of change : shorter and more compact linked to a thematic dedicated to the links between education, training and enterprises, the 2015 Freref university looks promising.

Even the name is changing, this year you will participate in the European University of Regions, Territories and Enterprises.

This will be welcomed by the Land Bade Wurtemberg in Konstanz where we wish to see many of you to discuss this topic :

"education, training, enterprises - citizens for Europe"



Please save the date in your agenda, the register forms and detailled program will be available soon.


Bis Bald !

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LLL HUB project

Freref network02/01/2015

logo lllhubFreref joined the lll hub project led by Eucis-lll. The aim of the project is to coordoninate all the european actors of lifelong learning in order to be a credible partners for the europena institutions.

Get all you want to know about this project on the website, also on twitter and facebook


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AcroJump Final Conference : Istanbul 13 -14 november 2014 : Join us !

Freref projects03/11/2014

The AcroJump Project is organising its final conference together with the FREREF European University of Regions and Territories, to share the project outcomes with experts, practitioners, learners, job seekers...

Towards a participative networked process to sustain young adults in their search of a less precarious job through a professional social network

AcroJump enables to evaluate an innovative accompaniment process of young adults in the search of a less precarious employment. This process relies on the valuation of different experiences acquired by young adults and is supported by a professional social network ("my e-profile").Professional social networks play a key role in job search and recruitment processes. Up to now, they are mostly adapted to people with high qualification levels and/or an important job experience. It is important that young adults even with less qualification and experience be prepared to use these social networks, and that the professional social network start to think about integrating less qualified or experienced people in their scope of action.

Accompaniment is a key process for people looking to enter or re-enter the job market, and specifically for those with less skills of qualification. This process may be individual or collective, short or long term, intense or limited, more or less personalised, formalised or open, by professional, volunteers or peers. AcroJump enables to experiment various forms of accompaniment, and to evidence the key factors leading to success.

Key success factors for valuing and sustaining experiences

Despite a poor qualification level or a qualification in inadequacy with the job market, the young adults involved in AcroJump have often realised a lot of activities – summer jobs, family occupations, small services, etc. which constitute a sum of experience and a basis of capabilities and capacities. Recognising and valuing this experience by making it explicit and appreciated enable the young adults to develop a positive image of themselves, and give an opportunity to recruiters to recognise precise and personalised capacities.

Pilot Actions on territories as "proofs of concept"

A set of Pilot Actions (about 12 so far) have been conducted in 6 different regions within 5 countries, with different kinds of groups of young adults at various stages in their qualification or job search process.

Capitalisation at European level: lessons learnt and recommendations to share with you

By putting in perspective all information and observations gathered, the AcroJump project is able to give elements of recommendations as well for field practitioners – including the young adults themselves – and for decision and policy makers regarding, for example: the accompaniment processes, the possible role of professional social network for less skilled and experiences persons, the impact of recognition and valorisation of experience and non-formal learning in the building of self-esteem and confidence, the transferability toward other "transition" moment in the professional path, etc.




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Council of Regions - Barcelona, 6th October 2014

Freref network17/09/2014

The next Freref Council of Regions will be hold on October 6th afternoon in Barcelona.

With the European University of regions and territories coming up, the Council of regions will present the final program to the Freref partners. This meeting will also allow to speak about present and future projects of freref and its members, especially the building of a working group on the link between schools, vocational training and firms in Rhone Alpes with the Regional Council and the French Erasmus Agency.

There will be also question of the next thematic of the Europan University of regions and territories.

This meeting will be held ot the Council of Economic and Social Labour of Catalunya (CTESC) 284 rue DiputaciĻŒ (1st floor) Barcelona. at 3.00 pm


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AcroJump Final Conference : Istanbul 13 -14 november 2014

Freref projects27/08/2014

Professional Social Network to support LLL Pathways towards Employment

The project is still far from complete but Acrojump partners decided to take hold of the UERT Freref in Istanbul to propose an extension of two half-day reflections on the question of the role of social networks in the construction of his own learning pathways throughout life as well as their importance for the valuation of informal and non-formal learning.

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