AcroJump produces a tool ("my e-profile") which is a first step towards the professional social networks for target audiences who are at the moment excluded from them, and produces also an accompanying process in the appropriation and exploitation of this tool in order to secure, valorise and develop the autonomy of the young adults in capitalizing upon their formal and less formal experiences. This favours their insertion in a more sustainable employment – training-evolution process.

The project relies upon an set of field based pilot-actions in the different territories. These actions support individual reports together with a cross analysis of practices, to end up with a set of recommendations towards policy and decision makers at European, national and regional level.

The project also produces a set of "Lessons learned" from the implementation of the "my e-profile" tool and accompanying process, and from the mutualisation and capitalization of practices on different territories and different situations.

The multi-regional dimension ensures

  • the relevance of the developments (method, tool, accompanying process), because they are validated by a sufficient number of audiences with various cultural and geographical background;
  • the relevance of the recommendations produced by the project towards policy and decision makers in order to sustain and deploy the project findings and results;
  • the efficiency of the dissemination of the findings and results.

Furthermore, the trans-regional partnership allows considering including mobility experiences in the professional paths of the young adults in further steps of developments and after the end of the project. The Region or its equivalent in different countries (municipality, district, etc.) is the privileged actor in Education and an efficient actor to support the networking with companies and employments.


Lessons learnt - professional social networks

Lessons learnt - accompaniment






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