The project

AcroJump allows Young Adults who pile up situations of idleness, loosely targeted trainings, non steady employments, etc., to build for themselves a profile of experience ("my e-profile") as an interactive web-based tool. This "e-profile" becomes the support of a positive self-esteem; of a reflection in the construction of professional objectives in a lucid and coherent way; of mediation in the relationship with the different actors able to accompany them; more generally, the support of fruitful and positive exchanges with the world of employment and training.

This tool will then accompany them in their professional life in the further transitions steps between jobs and/or between training, qualifications and jobs.

This way, AcroJump contributes to enable and facilitate the personal blooming and the capability to find a job, and the recognition of un-formal and non-formal learning.

By recommending a further use during the different transitions, including a return to Education, AcroJump also contributes to the development of innovative practices in LLL, to the promotion of cooperation between LLL and the working world.

The innovation in AcroJump lies before all in the fact that it changes the stance of actors from a system which closes up on failure towards a system which valorises the accomplishments and the experiences, and which supports a positive positioning in a social, educative and professional process.

Then, the method aims at a better understanding of all of the components of the situation, and thus at sustaining the young adult in defining a project altogether personal, ambitious, targeted and realistic.





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