The AcroJump consortium gathers Universities, field organisations, representatives of companies, all very experienced in the conduct of European Projects, belonging to 7 European Regions (Rhone-Alpes, French Brittany, Ile-de-France, Balearic Islands, Emilia-Romagna, Catalonia, Bucarest-Ilfov). The FREREF ensures diffusion towards three tenths more of European Regions and organisms.


Fondation of European Regions for Research in Education and Training (Freref)

Freref aims at structuring interregional cooperation to put lifelong Learning into practice and establish related policies. This objective consists in meeting both regional expectations and recommendations made at the European level :

  • multiply opportunities for decision-makers, researchers and practitioners to meet and learn from each other at a regional level and between Regions,
  • expand and transfer innovation and good practices at the level of regional education and training system,
  • Allow Regions to appropriate the European LLL orientations, which result from the Lisbon Strategy

Université de Bretagne Sud (UBS)

Université de Bretagne Sud is a dynamic university located in the west of France, invested in the challenges of a knowledge society, orientation and lifelong learning, using, among other tools recognition and valorization of prior work experience, and personal training.

For over 10 years, the university has led the training activities in local services and networks to carry out projects that contribute to better career security for citizens. To extend and improve the existing initiatives in training, an action research Desk (Research Action Vector European Innovation) was created in 2005.


The SOC (Servei d’Ocupació de Catalunya), Employment Service of Catalonia is a  self governing administrative body. It is the Generalitat de Catalunya government tool fot the management of the employument policy.

SOC has 70 Oficines of Treball (employment offices) throughout the Catalan territory dedicated to citizens and companies.

The SOC manages eight Centers of Innovation and occupational training.

The SOC integrates and manages the employment policies:

  • Training- professionnal qualification
  • Policies to promote employment. local Development
  • Coaching and Career
  • Work permits for foreigners
  • Labour Inspection

The basic policies of SOC are:

  • Innovation: Technologies as a tool for improvement
  • Integration: adaptation active policies by territory, industry and people
  • Internationalization: Orientation to foreign companies wishing to settle in Catalonia and the Catalan companies in international expansion process. Mobility of workers

 AcroJump project in Catalan

 Foundation University-Enterprise of the Balearic Islands (FUEIB)

It is non-profit institution participated by the scopes of the Universitat de les Illes Balears and regional companies.

FUEIB works from different objectives:

1) Encouragement of the relations between the University and companies through making collaboration agreements between both institutions at the fields of research and technical assistance

2) Managing and taking part in projects included in European initiatives and programmes related to training and business;

3) Managing continuous training in business sector;

4) Monitoring training actions and assessment its impact

5) Promoting and managing the offer of the University through the joining postgraduate studies, masters and university specialists

6) and Labour insertion of university postgraduates, through different projects of creating new businesses, assessments of educational cooperation between the University and companies and careers guidance between other aspects.

 AcroJump project in Catalan

Departament d'ensenyament - Catalunya (Cat ENSE)

 The Generalitat de Catalunya is the executive authority in Catalonia. The Regional Ministry of Education, through the Directorate General of Vocational Training and Initial Lessons of Special Plans (DGFPIERE) is responsible for relations between the Government and local actors of Vocational Training in the following areas: training of trainers, organization of training courses and funding training centers.

 AcroJump project in Catalan

Sophia R&I

Sophia R & I is a company that aims to promote the participation of Italian public and private bodies in innovation and research and development programs. It is mainly in the areas of analysis and support to public education and training policies. Its activities allow the company to have a large network of stakeholders in education and training in the region of Latium (Lazio).

Université Paris Ouest Nanterre-La Défense

Research conducted in the welcome team 4431 "Psychology of processes and complex behaviors" (PPCC) focus on the interaction between humans and their environment in a developmental perspective.

The research group ProTape (transitional process and adjustment to Environmental and Professionals contexts) developed within studies of conceptual and methodological approaches from different disciplines: differential psychology, psychometrics, social and social cognitive psychology, counseling psychology, ergonomics , work psychology, organizational psychology, environmental psychology.

Université du Luxembourg

The research group consists of 7 EMACS Research Units (RAG).
The objectives of RAG "Professional skills for adults" are:
* Implement new methods and assessment tools for adults professional skills 
* Better understanding and assess the processes underlying transitions throughout life in a learning context
* Measure and develop meaningful skills that are necessary for groups which risk exclusion from the labor market, unemployed, or school dropouts.
As to RAG "models, methods and assessment tools", its objectives are:
* Develop instruments for measurement and evaluation such as tests, questionnaires;
* Apply the theories of measurement (including classical test theory, theory of generalization, item response theory) to develop such an assessment.

OPCALIA Rhône Alpes

Joint Collector authorized body (OPCA), Opcalia Rhône-Alpes collects contributions from companies for training. In return, the OPCA regional finance the training of employees across different tools: training plan, contracts and professionalisation periods, DIF, skills assessments, VAE.
In addition, his knowledge of territories and public policy priorities (State Regional Councils, Europe ...) leads Opcalia RA to mobilise cofinancing to support the development of skills in companies.
Its actions are aimed to optimise the investment in training by companies and develop training to the largest number of employees.
Beyond Opcalia RA provides member companies services, methodologies and tools to assist them in HR management and training.

INNOVATE4FUTURE – Center for Advanced Educational Solutions SRL is a private funded research

center active in the field of education & training, innovation and technology. As a research organization,

without political purposes, INNOVATE4FUTURE promotes the European principles and values in the field

of education through innovative approaches and technologies. INNOVATE4FUTURE develops research

projects at national and international level in the following areas: technology enhanced learning,

observation of education systems, policies and innovation, training needs analysis, advanced multimedia

content development and training of trainers for the use of new methodologies and technologies.





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