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Final Conference : Istanbul 13-14 novembre

Professional Social Networks are taking more and more importance in the recruitments process and difficulties for young adults with less qualifications to find a job was at the stake of the AcroJump project. Putting together these ideas with the concepts of "collaborative guidance" was the main goal of the projects partners. 

Then, a methodology has been built, pilot actions  was led and now it is time to present you the results of our work, but also to listen to your expectation fo this project and your own experiences on the topic !

We hope to see you in Istanbul the 13th and 14th of November. Join us !

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European Multiterritorial  Days of Lorient

l'ensemble des partenaires du projet ont fait le point avant l'été sur les actions qui se sont déjà déroulées et qui restent à entreprendre.

La précocité du travail en catalogne  a permis une première analyse des retours de la part des accompagnants mais aussi des jeunes qui ont été amenés à tester la démarche et l'outil e-profil.

l'ensemble des participants ont su passer au delà des limites de l'outil pour voir en l'utilisation des expériences y compris informelles un vecteur de mise en avant de leur profil.  Cette revalorisation de sa propre image de soi peut ensuite être valorisable sur un CV classique ou en entretien d'embauche.

Ces journées Européennes mutliterritoriales furent également l'occasion de rencontrer les partenaires bretons qui ont participé (ou vont participer) aux actions pilotes du territoire de Lorient.

Enfin, il a été question du séminaire final de restitution pour lequel des informations vous seron très prochainement communiquée.

European Multiterritorial  Days of Palma

meeting palma

All the partners of the AcroJump consortium met in Palma the 17th and 18th of March, invited by FUEIB.

These days was the occasion to welcome our new italian Partner SOphia R&I who substitute Scienter, but also to know more about the first Pilot Actions which have alreayd been held in Spain.

Every field partners presented their first results which look hopeful. Young people seemed satisfied by the use of the e-profil tool and carers noticed the usefulness of the method which consists in valorising every piece of experience in order to enrich the CV.

réunion palma 2

Pilot actions will continue until the end of the summer.

there is still work to be done...

Il reste encore du pain sur la planche...Start of the Pilot actions

The Pilot actions have been started by the project field partners. These actions which will run for most of the 2014 year aim to prove the relevance of the AcroJump approach. The strength of the project comes also from the diversity of territories and of structures which compose the partners' networks. That's why the Pilot actions will allow, thanks to people who accepted to work with us, to test our approach elaborated during the first year of the project and to make these people aware of the relevancy of insisting on non formal and informal expriences.

Second newsletter

the second newsletter is now available. Did you ever want to know more about Romania ?

European University of Regions and territories for Lifelong Learning

Certain members of the AcroJump Consortium were present at the annual event organised by Freref which was eld this year in Lyon. A presentation of the project has been done during the workshops but also with the project space.

Bucharest Meeting

Consortium partners have met in Bucarest, the city of our Romanian partner Innovate4Future. Two days of positive work which allowed us to walk forward in the leading of our project. Soon will start the pilot actions !

First newsletter

You can read now the first newsletter of Acrojump. You will know a bit more about Scienter and the University of Luxemburg, two partners of the project. 

An overview of the project

Help Young Adults who have dificulties to find a stable job

By proposing them a process and an accompaniment

To describe and value their experiences in a web page (my e-profile) like the ones available in the professional social networks 

10 European Partners : FREREF, University of South Brittany, University Entreprise Federation of the Balearic Islands, SCIENTER Italy, University of Luxemburg, University Paris Ouest Naterre La Défense, Departement of Education of Catalunya, Service of Employment of Catalunya, Innovate4Future Romania, Ocalia Rhöne-Alpes

Two years: October 2012 - September 2014

A project funded by the Leonardo da Vinci - Innovation Transfert programme - French National Agency 2e2f - European Commission DG EAC

Project Kick-Off

The official Kick-Off meeting of the project was held in Lyon in November 2012, in the FREREF premises, FREREF being the coordinator of the project

To know more about the project: look at the "PROJECT'" page on this site

AcroJump is part of the ADAM data base


Learn about the project in their own languages :

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drapeau ita italian

drapeau cat spanish

drapeau rom romanian


  • Project Final Conference :Professional Social Network to support LLL Pathways towards Employment, 13-14 November 2014, Istanbul
  • Rencontre Européenne transterritoriale entre les partenaires du projet, Palma(Es) 17-18 Mars 2014
  • European University of Regions and territories for Lifelong Learning, Lyon, 30th september- 2 october 2013
  • European Transterritorial Meeting, project partners, Bucharest (Ro), September 2013



Briefing Note from CEDEFOP : Return to learning, Return to work

CEDEFOP presents in its publication a study that shows that for lower qualified people, returning to a learning session will take them to a job.

recruitment on social networks : wbe article from

The French dailynewspaper asked its users about their uses of social networks when they are looking for a new job. They found out that using the institutionnal website of "Pôle Emploi" was not the easiest way to get back to work.

read (in french only)

Article in the French newspaper Le Monde on inactive young people

The daily newspaper analyses the situation of the 900 000 inacitve young people who are neither in school nor at works. Read

EU Council for  the informal learning

The 20th of December 2012 , the EU Council pronounced a Recommendation so the States Members have to allow the citizens to validate their non formal learning.

The text of the Recommendation